• Culinary taste

    Our different traditional dishes offers
    you a true taste of China

  • Food and Drinks menu

    Menu suited for all occasions

    À la carte menu

    Chinese food with a modern twist

    Every one of our dishes are freshly cooked and beautifully presented. We can guide you on which dishes go together to give you a wonderful culinary experience. We are here to guide you and give you a perfect Chinese meal.

    Drinks menu

    From cocktails to traditional Chinese tea

    Whether you would like try a Chinese beer or Chinese tea, we have a vast selection of drinks for you to enjoy. Find the perfect accompaniment to your meal on our drinks menu.

    After dinner desserts

    A perfect treat after your meal

    Enjoy an indulgent dessert. Our menu includes a selection of Japanese ice-cream and each dish is a taste sensation. We also offer a range of after dinner cocktails and liqueur coffees.

    Party set menu

    Food should be shared

    Meals are a social occasion. Bring your friends to Orchid Restaurant and enjoy a wonderful set menu exclusively designed for parties of six people or more.

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    Search the app store 'Orchid Restaurant' or scan the QR code to download the app. Take full advantage of our various reward system and earn points every time you come and dine with us.


    Reserve a table

    Do you have a special celebration coming up or you simply want to try out more dishes from the menu. It's quick and easy to book a table whilst on the go with the Orchid app.


    View menu

    View Orchid's full range of menu at any time of the day. Select in advance which dishes you like to choose on the day so more time is spent in entertainment.


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